Yukata Party Report 2011

Hello, everyone!

We had an yukata party in September in Tokyo.

All participants got dressed in yukata with hair make-up:D






It was all-you-can-eat buffet, and we enjoyed them!

Girls love eating, right? 🙂





Her obi is made in Kiryu, and she’s also from Kiryu-city.

Kiryu was used to be a major production area of Meisen kimono.

Kiryu-city is about 2hours by train, and she took the first train in the morning to join our party!!





Her’s not yukata but kimono!

Isn’t she lovely?

She told me that she will wear this

yellow kimono when she becomes 80!





She is a kimono dresser, Ms S 🙂

Her mode of behavior looked cool,

in a yukata, traditional Japanese way!

She had just come back from a kimono show held in VietNam!






Her yukata is a Tokyo bingata-dyeing.





She wore a kimono and can you see its pattern?

Cats!! How many cats can you find? 🙂





Her yukata’ s pattern is goldfish, and traditional style!

Goldfish pattern is still popular among Japanese women.






Here’s last!

Her yukata’s pattern is also tradtional, and dragonflies on it.

And here’s her cute point! Check her geta:) The vivid scarlet red attracts people around her:D

Her obi is famous and popular Hakata-weaving obi.






This is everyone!!

Which type of yukata is your favorite?

Thank you for joining the party!!!

Hope to see you next summer 🙂


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