A kimono party plan in MEGURO GAJOEN?



Have you ever heard or been to MEGURO GAJOEN in Japan?


It is the first wedding facility like a Japanese traditional museum with
artistic handicrafts and vividly restored pictures.

It’s also popular with Japanese style wedding.


Well, what we’d like to tell you today is that they offer a special stay plan for ladies’ group, titled “Girls’ Talk Stay Plan.” We recommend here to have a kimono party for you!

Their hotel rooms are all sweet room style. If you love to dress in a gorgeous kimono, GAJOEN is the right place.

This generous plan includes champagne, assorted choice of fruits and cakes as room service, and each one can get free room wear as a gift! Also digital camera and printer are prepared in the room.

Isn’t it nice?

It is an excellent place to create unforgettable memories with your kimono friends.

Just make sure that this plan is for “LADIES ONLY“!!

It’s available by March 29, 2012. Why don’t you just visit there and feel Japanese traditional atmosphere wearing a kimono:)


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