Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono dressing show


Hello everyone!

I went to see a Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono dressing show last weekend.

Juni-hitoe(Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono)  is a ceremonial robe that was
the proper attire for court ladies and daughters of the warrior-class
families in the Heian Period and after.

The juni-hitoe were termed “color clothes” because
the aristocrats of the day matched the color of the juni-hitoe with the season.

Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

There were two dressers both front and back. (can’t see the back side from this photo though…:)
A front dresser must get on her knees to get dressed to a noble person not to breathe her.

Dressers use only two koshihimo strings to get dressed.


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

Beautiful layers? Color coordination patterns exist more than 200!!


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

Back side looks like this…


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

How’s it? The weight is around 16 kg!

It is tough to be beautiful all through the ages, isn’t it?


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

This is the best angle to take a shot!


Hope you enjoy:D



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