Japan’s No.1 Festival!! Asakusa Sanja Matsuri (Festival)!


Hello!! Summer 2014 is just around the corner!!

I took my son to Asakusa sanja matsuri last weekend in Asakusa, Tokyo. Do you know the hottest festival?



Carrying  an “Omikoshi” (almost 100 portable shrines were around there!!)  with team members is the biggest event and this photo below is a kid’s size shrine.


asakusa sanja matsuri


asakusa sanja matsuri

My boy loves dancing 🙂


asakusa sanja matsuri



Surprisingly, he could join the event!! Basically people who lives there can join, but my friend’s step mother invited him and lend him a happi (a traditional costume for festival). A red ribbon is the sign on the shoulder to get some snacks XD!






asakusa sanja matsuri


many of little kids played Japanese drums.  They were all good players really!!


asakusa sanja matsuri


This one was carried by all adults, and seemed so heavey!





Oh! Don’t forget to eat street foods! This is one of pleasures at a festival.









I got a baked fish (Ayu in Japanese, a sweetfish)! yum yum…


asakusa sanja matsuri


I happened to find a lady in beautiful kimono 🙂



asakusa sanja matsuri


“SHISHIMAI”. (lion dance)


asakusa sanja matsuri



Here is Sensoji. Tons of people come to pray.


Sensoji Temple


Here is inside of the temple.



I had really good day and for my son as well! We both love OMATSURI!! I really recommend you to visit this festival if you really feel Japanese traditional event and hottest people!!







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