Kimono Coordinator, Saori’s Coordination


Hello!! It’s been cold here in Japan. Now winter time. How about your town?

Well, have you ever checked our Kimono page? You will see kimono wardrobe selection or the information about coordinator, kimono brands, and shops etc. Further information will be up soon.

Then we would like to introduce one of our kimono coordinators, SAORI!


She’s engaged in kimono dressing and coordinating proposal. She’s been working as a coordinator for 13 years and is able to dress for a bride. Kimono dressing for a bride is highly required advanced skill and esperience.

We also offer dressing service or kimono store visit arrangement for you. If you have a chance to visit Japan, why don’t you try Japanese kimono as your new fashion?


This is one of her coordinate collections. Iromuji kimono (one color kimono) with a lace collar of MAMECHIYO; which is one of famous and popular kimono brand among young fans.


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy! MIKOTO

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