Hello! Thank for waiting:) Here’s other kimono collections from WA-ART.


This is a wedding kimono for bride.


This is from ROCCOYA.


This one looks more pop style and exhilarating, don’t you think? XD


This is more like party style and you see unsymmetrical color and design. If you love to be uniques, why don’t you try those kind of style?


This is from KIMONO WORLD PROJECT for Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. The theme of the project is 10 countries and this kimono is from Lithuania. You will see some color pattern difference from the one below, Japanese traditional style. I like both but how about you?


Hope you find this interesting and wait for the next post!

Thank you:)

4 thoughts on “KIMONO COLLECTIONS from WA-ART : Part 2

  1. Hello Buri-chan, Thank you for your comment! Yes I love Lithuania one too! I understand your question. That has built up by the abundant experience of the craftsman. You can see and hear the delicate technique and process when you visit kimono craft centers. I recommend that you meet and see their work if there is an opportunity:)

  2. Hello Denny, Thank you for your comment! Glad to hear that you love all styles:) I know that you fall in love with the next one, and continues forever (laugh) We call that “kimono magic”!

  3. I love the Lithuania one! One of the amazing things about kimono is how, with the right taste, they can accommodate so many unexpected patterns.

  4. Wow. I loved all of these styles. Can’t pick a favorite because I fall in love with the next one.

    The one with the windows like you are looking out is a great idea. I would like to see more of that one!

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