Kimono’s Deep World


20150820japanese kimono world

When it comes to ”Kimono”, we, Japanese, have the perception that Kimono is not just something to wear but also something special to polish our mind through even the process of dressing.

Affecting to one’s mind by dressing a kimono is a really deep world because it can’t be seen, and even not easy to understand what it is like just by reading a book.

That’s why there are so many kimono dressing(kitsuke) school here. Their main purpose is to teach dressing techniques but show the deep world as well. Learners then understand a little by little after receiving explanation from a kimono teacher at a dressing school.

For example, at just one movement when you put your arm through kimono’s sleeve, there is a tiny thing to be aware of.

If you are very sensitive each single movement, you can enjoy more and more this deep world from the heart and heightening your sensitivity.

Those sensitive feeling might be messages to modern people from our predecessors who  coexisted with nature and have cherished to feel in the five senses through kimono.

People are fall in love with kimono including those history.

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