The Difference between Some Kimono and Ori Kimono

Kimono is divided into two types depending on when the silk yarn of kimono is dyed: Some and Ori. “Some” means dyeing: the yarn is dyed after it is woven into a kimono. “Ori” means weave: the yarn is dyed before it is woven. Each kimono has different characteristics and quality and both are popular.

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The secret of Some kimono : its charm and popularity

“Yuzen” is the typical Some kimono, so let’s talk about it.

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Yuzen has two dyeing styles: “Tegaki Yuzen”, hand painting and “Kata Yuzen, stencil dyeing. “Tegaki Yuzen” is a traditional technique. Its hand-painting skills create quite beautiful and elaborate designs.
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“Tegaki Yuzen” is named differently according to the place in which it was produced: Kyo Yuzen(Kyoto), Kaga Yuzen(Ishikawa) and Tokyo Yuzen(Tokyo). They are the three major Yuzen in Japan. Among these, Kyo Yuzen is considered the most gorgeous and elegant. Kyo Yuzen’s popularity lies in its luxuriouness and fine texture: it is often embroidered with golden yarn and leaf.

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Kaga Yuzen is modest when compared to Kyo Yuzen. It draws on natural objects such as flowers and birds using soft colors. You will be impressed by its elegance and beauty when you see Kaga Yuzen kimono. Tokyo Yuzen is also called Edo Yuzen. It is characterized by its cool and tidy designs. The sense of “wabi and sabi”, Japanese values of culture in the Edo period is reflected in the style.

“Kata Yuzen”(stencil dyeing) is a relatively new technique starting from the early Meiji period. The printing technique has made it possible to make kimono more quickly and inexpensively than Tegaki Yuzen(hand dyeing). However this technique also requires special skills and its completed designs are no less beautiful than Tegaki Yuzen.

Some kimono is characterized mainly by this “Yuzen” style. Its popularity lies in its wide variety of traditional and beautiful designs.

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