We start translation of “Omomuki Tsushin” Articles!


Hello everyone!
We would like to announce that we officially start translation of “Omomuki Tsushin” Articles!

WHAT IS “Omomuki Tsushin” ?

Omomuki Tsushin is a media with the concept of “Touch” and “to widen the circle of Japanese-style”. Introducing information about kimonos, Japanese tea, food, goods and various attractions in Japan. You will find lots of opportunities to “touch” the Japanese-style ( WA 和) at Omomuki Tsushin.

Currently they publish articles only in Japanese. However their articles are worth to be read by people around the world and also they now announced big project!!
They try to interview 2,000 kimono-related companies, shops, and people by the year of 2020. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Therefore, we have contacted them, and just has started translation and posted articles in English here.

We hope more and more people get chance to know about the attract of kimono.

First post is right here!

Ise-momen Kimono, Just like an everyday dress!


We hope you enjoy! 🙂
Thank you for reading.



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