Ise-momen Kimono, Just like an everyday dress!

Original Sept.7 2015:

Article provided by Omomuki Tsushin(趣通信)
Omomuki Tsushin is a media with the concept of “Touch” and “to widen the circle of Japanese-style”. Introducing information about kimonos, Japanese tea, food, goods and various attractions in Japan. You will find lots of opportunities to “touch” the Japanese-style ( WA 和) at Omomuki Tsushin.

When you take up kimono, you will want your own one that fits you perfectly. However, at the same time you shrink back thinking, “It looks pretty expensive to order a kimono…”

Also, it may seem wasteful that the formal kimono, which you seldom wear, is just kept as a treasure.

We will introduce “Ise-momen” to those who have the above problems. “Ise-momen” is kimono which is designed perfectly for everyday wear and can be ordered at a reasonable price.



Ise-momen is a cotton kimono that is produced in Ise region of Mie prefecture. It has attracted people’s attention for being on the cover of the kimono magazine ”Nanao”. Above all, the reason for its popularity lies in its cute design.

“It has a good casual atmosphere like a dress”. Kimonos like are comfortable and can be worn like ordinary clothes.”…There are lots of cute designs that kimono beginners can stretch their hands without hesitation.

isemomen3 isemomen2
isemomen4 isemomen5
isemomen6 isemomen7



Washable at home and cost free maintenance
A silk kimono cannot be washed at home so you always have to ask experts for maintenance like cleaning etc. However, Ise-momen is made of cotton, which puts those at ease who do not want to take time and spend money for its maintenance.

Wrinkle-resistant and easy to maintain
When you wash Ise-momen, all you need to do is to fold it, put it in a washing net and wash it by hand, or wash it in a washing machine on gentle cycle. If you press it gently, it won’t wrinkle even without ironing.

Enjoy kimono in rain or snow, regardless of the weather
Silk kimono cannot be worn without waterproof items in bad weather such as rain, snow or typhoon. However if it is a cotton kimono, you can wash it by yourself so you can enjoy going out wearing kimono regardless of the weather. It is also great that Ise-momen can be worn in most seasons except during the middle of summer. With one kimono fitted to you, you can enjoy wearing it for more than half the year.

Happy reasonable price – kimono made to order at 40,000 yen level
Even ordinary clothes may have the image of luxury items if it is made to order, so you might suppose that “kimono made to order” costs hundreds of thousands yen. Actually, there is kimono that can be made to order at a reasonable price.

Summing up the price of Tanmono(roll of kimono textile as picture below), cloth used for making kimono, and the charge for tailoring, Ise-momen costs around only 40,000 yen. This price is pretty reasonable considering the cost of ordinary clothes made to order.

Therefore, we wish to recommend Ise-momen to those who think “I am a kimono beginner…”or “As kimono is completely my hobby, I cannot afford such luxury.”

Photo: Rolls of Tanmono



When you choose tanmono, you can look for it on some Internet mail order web sites but the best way is to see if it really suits you is in person.

Also at the same time, it is recommended to try not only putting tanmono on your body, but also wrapping it around your body as if you were wearing a real kimono (“Chakuso”) – this helps you to image the completed item.”

It is such a rare opportunity to order kimono that it is better to try Chakuso and check the finished image and the impression of the total coordination. Especially in the case of Tanmono with a block check pattern, the color of the collar totally changes the impression.
isemomen-chakuso1 isemomen-chakuso2



Ise-momen is recommended for those who wish to enjoy kimono like everyday clothes, to order your own kimono, and to have your kimono fit you perfectly. If you do that, you probably want to choose your own bolt pattern from a large variety.

Marikoji-style Nihonbashi class was holding the “Ise-momen Exhibition”, where you can choose from more than 30 bolts. If you order your cute Ise-momen now, you can enjoy it for a long time from now until spring. Why don’t you start searching special one?

*This article was as of September, so the event has ended.

Written by Marikoji-style Web Facebook
Marikoji-style is a kimono wearing class that was started in Kyoto. The fame of its unique and simple kimono dressing method that makes you “see the light” and a beautiful person’s appearance when wearing its kimono has spread by word of mouth. Now we have three classes in Meguro and Nihonbashi, Tokyo and in Kyoto. Marikoji-style’s original kimono dressing method overturns the image of kimono, “difficult, high entry and tight” and realizes “beautiful, easy and hard to lose shape”. This method attracts people’s attention as a method that gives you a nice figure. The beginner class where you learn to put on kimono beautifully in three months is popular among women in their 20’s or 30’s who wish to wear kimono as everyday clothes or learn how to put on kimono in a short time.

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