“KIMONO BANCHO” publication party!



Last weekend, we joined the “KIMONO BANCHO2 (きもの番長)” publication party. Bancho means a leader.


Megumi Matsuda(Kimono Bancho) is the center, she’s so cute&friendly! The right is SAORI (kimono dresser&coordinator), and the left is me. Bancho prepared some illustration goods for photo shooting XD!

Megumi is an illustrator. 
You can visit her official blog http://kimonobancho.blog22.fc2.com/


A lady in dots white kimono is the chief editor of Kimono-hime, and helped Kimono Bancho publishing this time. (Sorry for the photo looks blur….)

All staff wore the same kimono coordinating as Megumi’s illustrations in her book!



I thought she’s a model or something because her posing like that, actually not, but i asked her to take a photo together!

You see lots of nice dressers, don’t you? Furisode, antiques, or even hoodie under kimono!!


Mine’s back was like this. I felt that I should’ve worn some antiques or more gurly style kimono when I see everybody there.  But this kimono is one of my favorite.

I asked many people to take photos together 🙂



Here’s the last photo I would like to show you! She said this is a handmade accessory by an creator who joined this party also. Isn’t is so beautiful?!

I saw almost 70-80% of participants had head accessories like that.

I truly felt and thought “Yes, this is the fashion gathering!” Everyone enjoyed kimono as fashion as Kimono Bancho proposes modern styling in her book!

If you love her styling, why don’t you check her books?

Kimono Bancho2 Coordinate Lesson ver.

Kimono Bancho

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