KIMONO NOTEBOOK, kimono words dictionary




Hello everyone!

How’s your life with kimono? Today’s article may help you if you are considering kimono-related career!


We have another site; Bilingual Kimono Coordinator, which offers a language support for professional kimono coordinators who are interested in serving their services in bilingual. For now, Japanese only but in near future, we would like to make it both in English and Japanese.


Then we’ve launched upgraded kimono dictionary,  KIMONO NOTEBOOK as one of our services, and currently available in only Japanese, and English page will be provided soon. However, some of readers of this site, international Wabijin, can read, write and speak Japanese so,  today, we would like to introduce about “KIMONO NOTEBOOK“.




This is an online kimono dictionary and accessible via PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Details in Japanese: KIMONO NOTEBOOK




Expression for kimono instructor: Available in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese with audio.

Expression for kimono dresser: Available in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese with audio.

Kimono Words(16 categories, about 400 words): Available in English with photos and audio.





We launched this because we now believe not only people in Japan but also people worldwide are getting interested in kimono as fashion or hobby, and we also see some people starts kimono-related business in their countries by their selves.


But still online contents are mainly in Japanese and less information even in English. We would like to share more about the attract of kimono itself, techniques, and so on.


We keep brushing up this KIMONO NOTEBOOK, and glad if you can use this as your learning material or some communication tool with shop staff when you visit to kimono shop in Japan!


Thank you for reading and wait for English page!









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