Kimono Experience brings me “New myself”



Kimono has two kinds of miracle power that work only for people who realize the charm of kimono.

One is that which pulls you into the world of kimono and makes your mind better. Every time you wear kimono, you would want to know and research more about kimono. Then you would gain a lot of knowledge about the history or art without realizing by learning about textiles such as pongee and Japanese splashed pattern and where they are made, track down transition of your favorite kimono designer’s style or history of kimono and obi (sash belt for kimono).

Moreover, if you were careful about how you move all the time when you wear kimono, you would notice that it makes even your smallest of movements elegant. How much kimono affects people’s mind depends on the person but I’m sure that knowledge or sprit that you gain from kimono in everyday life changes you in some way.

Another power is that it takes you to a new world by wearing kimono.

Some people may start going to Rakugo for the first time when they feel like going somewhere in kimono. Some may take Noh dance lessons; Shimai after they go to a Noh theater to see real Noh costumes and are totally into its unique world called yugen, which means occult – mystery that can’t be understood. Some people may start a tea ceremony to make their moves more elegant when they wear a kimono, and then may find that she becomes a teacher at last. All of those new worlds wouldn’t have happened to them if they hadn’t worn kimono. I don’t think they would open the door to a new world by themselves.

There is a power that draws you into the kimono world, the power that pushes you to the new world by wearing kimono. These might be the reasons why people will always like kimono. They know well that it makes them better inside and out.
Thank you for reading!
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