Kimono Photo Session with Models Overseas!




We had a photo session with models from India, Nepal and Malaysia. Photos has been uploading on our INSTAGRAM(@iwabijin) little by little everyday, so please follow our account if you use it:)


She’s from India and her father contacted us. He said this was a gift for her. Isn’t it great?

By the way, as you may know, you need to use same sash belts (called “koshihimo”) to hold kimono or obi during kitsuke time (put on kimono). This was her first time to try kimono, so she was surprised when she got tightened by sash belts! But she really enjoyed the time!

She’s from Nepal and also a professional model. That’s why she did really great work!! You’ll see by accessing INSTAGRAM(@iwabijin). The dresser for her is CHIHIRO, and she has experience working as a kimono dresser / instructor based in Shenzhen (China) and Hong Kong area. Read CHIHIRO’s kimono story here


One of shooting scenes. Let’s go find the exact photo of this scene at INSTAGRAM(@iwabijin) !



By the way, she showed up with this hair style, and we should’ve done with it!! Another dresser for her was SAORI (KIMONO EXPERIENCE). She was co-organizer of this session!


At last, the photographer, yocco , created a move for preparation time, so you’ll find how we worked on the day:)


We would like to welcome you if you would like to try kimono or yukata for summer time! Also hopefully near in the future, we are considering to have sessions overseas, so we are looking for anyone who’s interested in our activities and can help events in “your” country XD

Please please follow us on WordPress, or Facebook so that you WON’T MISS our future session!!

Thank you very much for your visit and hope you enjoy photos!

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