Arimatsu-Narumi-Shibori Yukata



Have you ever heard the name of “Arimatsu-narumi shibori(有松鳴海絞り)”? It is a traditional tie-dyeing technique for yukata (summer kimono)  and is a cotton fabric tie and spot-dyed. In Arimatsu/Narumi Shibori, techniques and methods to produce patterns vary and are greater in number than in any other similar crafts produced elsewhere in Japan.

Then what do they look like?

Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Yukata Blue type

Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Yukata Purple type

Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Yukata Yellow type

Their color look soft, don’t they? Those are all handmade yukata, that’s why they have unique flavors. Why don’t you try for your summer vacation?

You can also visit the official website of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Museum for more details or history of the technique.

Hope you enjoy it:)
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