KIMONO NOTEBOOK, EN Page is almost ready!



KIMONO NOTEBOOK is an online kimono dictionary to whom wants to be an bilingual kimono coordinator to learn kimono in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.


Kimono terminologies are sometimes hard to understand in Japanese even for us Japanese!! For example, there is an phrase, “衣文を抜く”(emon-wo-nuku) which literally means to ”pull around the back center line of kimono to keep the emon away from the neck.”




Emon” is the part that comes just behind your neck. But we don’t usually words “emon” or “nuku” as meaning “to pull” in daily scene. Therefore, explanation in English helps us more than in Japanese! XD


KIMONO NOTEBOOK is currently available in Japanese as a service, but we are working on preparing in English as well and the launch will be soon!


We imagines that kimono fans overseas someday visit kimono shops in Japan with KIMONO NOTEBOOK as communication tool near in the future!:)




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