Kimono Styling for NHK Educational TV


Hi there! We did kimono styling for Jessica san, TV personality, for NHK Educational TV on Jan 1, 2017 at 12:00pm!

For English program:

NHK World Premium Jan 2, 2017 Japan time 0:30-2:00 all English! You can watch it via App too.




初春 世界を魅了!伝統芸能のパイオニアたち


She would like to wear a kimono which reminds of New Zealand, her home county with brighter and darker nature colors. Her choice was Homon-gi kimono. Basically, formal homon-gi kimono are rarely dark color, therefore, it was little hard to find but one of rental shops have the one!!


Kimono provider : Rental Kimono-ya Kan

Akemi san at Azure Style introduced the shop to me:) Thank you Akemi san!


Second point was the obi-age. Those 3 are the some of proposals, but at the end,  I chose the top green one to remind NZ nature color. (Second blue one looks a bit different from the actual color because the photo are not high resolution…more beautiful color!)


And same happens that formal obi-age are usually pale colors and i could find easily if another texture such as chirimen. This is pure silk and one of kimono shops I visited has those brighter colors selection fortunately!!



According to them, they also ordered those colors to a dye-craft center in Kyoto, and they were surprised that “Can you really sell such colors obi-age in Tokyo?!!”

And yes!!  XD



Thanks to so many peoples, this styling was born:) If you can watch Japanese NHK, please check it out!


Thank you for reading!





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