Kimono Coordinator
Japanese Traditional Color Analyst (Color for Kimono)
-Registered Colorist certificated by Traditional Colorist Organization




Japanese Traditional Color Analysis
Kimono Coordinating Consulting
Kimono Store Visit




Hiromi enjoys her lifestyle to the fullest, with wide interests in both the East and West including; hiking, belly dancing, discovering new restaurants, drinking and eating with fun conversation, dressing up in Kimono and going out etc.  She also enjoys some relaxed time reading and watching movies.




Well dressed from Traditional to Modern styles with a good reputation.




From early childhood, she didn’t want to be like everybody else and had doubts about the rule of majority. As a result, she grew up with hatred for the saying “If you can’t beat them then join them”.

In her first year of junior high school, most of her classmates were into popular idols; around this time she watched a great American movie, Stand By Me, which led to her interest in Western culture and English language. She learned a lot of English from movies and music and finally went to Canada to study English. After her stay in North America and the experiences she gained from lengthy travels in Asia as a backpacker, Hiromi returned to Japan with a new appreciation and concern for her country’s’ culture and history.




Hiromi was interested in traditional Japanese culture.  She felt there were many women who looked attractive and worked hard but… perhaps they were tired of trying too hard? Gradually, she started wondering if Japanese people were really happy? Today with the Internet, it is so easy to access information that Hiromi believes some people can get overwhelmed or confused with too much information and compare themselves with others and worry about things they shouldn’t.

It’s just our mind that puts a brake on and holds us back, but our life can be diversified, unconventional, productive and enjoyable.  She believes and wants other people to know that if women can enjoy their lives fully, they will be more beautiful and shine and that allows them to be more cheerful and happier. With these thoughts she launched “Happy Life Management” with HARUKA and started lifestyle consulting for women as an international wabijn producer, suggesting lifestyles not from the idea of “Winners and Losers” but respecting each other’s individuality and optimizing their uniqueness.

We can be even happier!


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