KIMONO NOTEBOOK, EN Page is almost ready!

  KIMONO NOTEBOOK is an online kimono dictionary to whom wants to be an bilingual kimono coordinator to learn kimono in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.   Kimono terminologies are sometimes hard to understand in Japanese even for us Japanese!! For example, there is an phrase, “衣文を抜く”(emon-wo-nuku) which literally means to ”pull around the back center … More KIMONO NOTEBOOK, EN Page is almost ready!

KIMONO NOTEBOOK, kimono words dictionary

    Hello everyone! How’s your life with kimono? Today’s article may help you if you are considering kimono-related career!   We have another site; Bilingual Kimono Coordinator, which offers a language support for professional kimono coordinators who are interested in serving their services in bilingual. For now, Japanese only but in near future, we would like … More KIMONO NOTEBOOK, kimono words dictionary

Sakura (cherry blossom) sweets souvenir

    I got a beautiful souvenir! It’s Japanese sweets, Wagashi, called “Higashi(干菓子)”which is dry and contains very little moisture. 干 means dry, and 菓子 means sweets.     In this season, you see sakura-related products more than usual in Japan. Even at a  100 yen shop, you can find variety of “ohanami”goods.     … More Sakura (cherry blossom) sweets souvenir

“KIMONO BANCHO” publication party!

      Last weekend, we joined the “KIMONO BANCHO2 (きもの番長)” publication party. Bancho means a leader.     Megumi Matsuda(Kimono Bancho) is the center, she’s so cute&friendly! The right is SAORI (kimono dresser&coordinator), and the left is me. Bancho prepared some illustration goods for photo shooting XD!     Megumi is an illustrator.  You can … More “KIMONO BANCHO” publication party!