Kimono Stores Visit


We specialize in the kimono fashion services,
and provide various services to give you
an opportunity to experience the “i-Wabijin”!


Kimono Stores Visit (2 hours)

Kimono coordinator will arrangeand
attend your stores visits to match your request
showing how to choose kimono, obi
and others for coordinating, and assist your shopping if needed.

How we spend 2 hours?
– Meet a coordinator
– Visit some kimono stores together
– Learn and Enjoy kimono viewing, trying, and even shopping if you love to.

6,000 yen /person

* Group discount is available for a group of more than 2 people.
* We will arrange a tour guide if needed for sightseeing
* Payment will be made by Paypal.


Thank you for your reservation.
We will contact you soon for more details.

Thank you!