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Want to learn or experience how to put on a Kimono?



Message from Toyoko

Hello, everyone! My name is Toyoko Kawai, the instructor of the English Kimono Class at the Osaka Takatsuki branch of Hana Kyoto Kimono School.

Putting on a kimono whenever you like is so much fun. There are so many occasions you can wear a kimono, for example sightseeing, lunch with friends, concerts, festival and so on. If you want wear a formal kimono for special occasions such as formal parties or weddings, there are several rules you have to follow. Learning such rules is also fun and a good chance to learn the Japanese traditional idea of courtesy.

I will offer workshops for short-time visitors and tourists up to regular kimono classes. Please feel free to make a contact to Toyoko at +81-80-3131-5505 or


The types of classes we  offer depends on your period of stay in Japan.




Existing Students:

Non-Japanese speakers and foreign students who live around Osaka and Kyoto, or Japanese who plan to stay in a foreign country in the near future.



Offer Classes:

Two weeks or one month Class:“Experience” class of how to put on a kimono.

Six months Class: Learning class how to put on and dress yourself in a casual kimono.

One year Class: Learning how to dress and put on a formal kimono like Furisode which is a long-sleeved kimono for unmarried women.

We have such  enthusiastic students!



If you really want to learn how to put on a kimono, we offer a range of classes from beginners  to those who want to assist with fitting or become an instructor.

Rental kimono is available for practice (170cm, 5’8” and under).





Various conditions such as place or time are negotiable. If conditions are suitable, I can visit your place for lesson. So please feel free to call Toyoko at +81-80-3131-5505.


location_icon.png  School Location

Osaka Takatsuki Branch
SY Building 3F, 13-16 Takatsuki-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka, 569-0803

3 mins. on foot from Hankyu Takatsukishi
5 mins. on foot from JR Takatsuki

Kyoto classroom
My house in Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto   Please contact for the detail.




English Page of the Osaka Branch


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