What is the “I-Wabijin”?

“i-Wabijin(international Wabijin)” represents ladies who have the essence of both Japanese and Western beauties. It’s also a concept designed to make you have high standards and dignity and to be beauty conscious by wearing the kimono. The kimono is not just a fashion but a traditional garment that affects how you feel, speak or walk. The minute you wear the kimono, it will transform you instantly into an elegant woman not just from the outside but inside as well.
That is the kimono’s magic!
Experience being a “wabijin” and keep it in your mind forever.

What does “International Wabijin” mean?

“Wabijin” is an image of an ideal woman who has Japanese unique beauty. “International Wabijin” is the newly-coined word we originally created which represents ladies with high dignity who have the essence of both Japanese and Western beauties.

What is Japanese Beauty Essence? 

The word “Oku-yuka-shisa” in Japanese means “demure”, which is one of the unique Japanese beauties.

The western beauty is considered as a “movement”, the Japanese beauty is expressed as “quietness”.

Japanese Aesthetic 

The Japanese aesthetic is synonymous with high dignity. The Japanese style incorporates nature, and has been pursuing Japanese original harmonious beauty. It is shown in the kimono, and you may be likely to be able to catch a glimpse of our sense of beauty through the kimono. The word “Beautiful” in Japanese also has the meaning of “heart is in the right place”.

Why Kimono?

Kimono influences your appearance and inner beauty. It’s said that the design of kimono is completed when the owner is able to “get dressed by oneself”. That means the design of the kimono is reflected not only by one’s appearance but one’s character, accomplishments and dignity. The kimono appeals to improve one’s internal qualities.

The kimono encourages an awareness of dignity. From the moment when you get dressed in a kimono, the feeling of beauty and dignity spreads even to the end of the wearer’s fingers. Then you become more aware of “dignity” naturally. The experience of kimono wearing helps to nurture your high dignity.

How “i-Wabijin” works for you?

We would like to share with women across the world the charms of the kimono, and the concept of Japanese beauty through kimono experiences. We recognize that it may be hard to wear as daily clothes in the same manner that the Japanese do, so we also propose other ways of including kimono in your life. The life with kimono can be something to cherish for your lifetime.

The kimono doesn’t have to be something “to wear”. It’s also something to “feel, watch, touch, coordinate, display, make, and inherit”.

Currently, we distinguish between Japanese and Western aesthetics. However, the essence we present here is just one of the ideal methods. Nothing is special. So we hope these will become global standard in the near future.


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