Interested in being a kimono dresser/coordinator?



Hi there!

Thank you for reading and supporting international Wabijin:)


Today, I would like to hear your opinions about kimono-related career.


Have you ever thought to become a kimono dresser or coordinator? Currently it may not easy to find kimono school held in even English though we have English-speaking instructors. Also, we own another website, Bilingual Kimono Coordinator.




This is for Japanese instructors/dressers who are interested in to offer their service in English, and we offer language supports such as KIMONO NOTEBOOK. It covers around 700 kimono words in both Japanese and English, and kimono-related phrases for dressers/instructors  in 4 languages; Japanese, French, Spanish, and Chinese(TC&SC) with audio.


We are targeting now domestic but would like to expand it internationally, and hope to increase people who wants to be kimono dressers or coordinators!


If you are interested in to learn how to put on a kimono, we can arrange the lesson program for you. So please feel free to contact us:)


Kimono-related career is more like artistic filed to be involved.


Thank you!







9 thoughts on “Interested in being a kimono dresser/coordinator?

  1. Dear Akemi

    Thank you for your comment. It sounds really nice! So you have your own school there or any activities for that?

  2. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. I would love to learn more. I danced with Kozakura USA for 6 years. We mainly wore yukata for Bon Odori type dancing. But I want to become more educated so I can help dress people who are interested in wafuku for photo shoots, special occasions, or classes to teach others.

  3. Hello, I am interested in more information on proper or diploma course for kimono dress since I am able to spend 3 weeks in Tokyo to learn it while taking language school. Thanks!

  4. Dear キャロル,

    Thank you so much for leaving your comment!
    I just emailed to you so please check and reply to me:)

  5. I wanna to take a proper kimono wearing class / diploma course for myself and helping others.

  6. Dear Sara Penney,

    Thank you so much for leaving your comment!
    I just emailed to you so please check and reply to me:)

  7. I’ve been collecting and wearing kimono for three years now, and I often think about how I could make kimono a bigger part of my life. Living in Kagawa and not speaking very good Japanese makes it difficult though. I would love to work in the kimono industry somehow, but I don’t know what I could do. Wearing wafuku makes me so happy, I want to help other people discover it too!

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