My Kimono Story #6

CHIOKO (USA) KIMONO USA My love of kimono has led me to wonderful adventures that I would have never anticipated. I spend four years in Okinawa. We had a Japanese culture class once a week for an hour, teaching us Japanese etiquette, simple phrases in Japanese and how to sing folk songs. I first wore … More My Kimono Story #6

My Kimono Story #3

CHIHIRO Kimono Dresser/ Instructor Kimono Salon – SHIKI – I think that the first encounter to Kimonos was when I was in my mother’s belly. My mother was a Wasai-shi(sewing kimonos) so I had been familiar with Kimonos as long as I remember. I haven’t always been interested in Kimonos. I thought, as a child, that … More My Kimono Story #3