Kimono Accessories Starter Kit




Are you looking for Kimono Accessories Starter Kit? Let’s look through one by one all you need for kimono dressing.
肌襦袢 – Hada-juban is an undershirt for kimono. This package includes one-pieace type so you don’t need to buy susoyoke(under skirt) separately. This type would good for beginners.
One-piece underwear
The upper is made from cotton so that it prevents from getting wet with sweat. The lower part is made from polyester so that you can walk easily due to its slippery feature.
裾除け - Susoyoke is a under skirt for kimono.Susoyoke
衿芯 - Eri-shin is for collar of nagajuban, which is an undergarment.
腰紐 – Koshihimo sash is a belt to hold nagajuban; or kimono. You need at least 3. This is polyester, but muslin and silk is recommended because polyester sash is slippery. Check Silk koshihimo sash
帯枕 –  Obinakura is used to shape and hold back of obi.
着付けベルト&マジックベルト – Kitsuke belt & Magic belt is a belt to hold kimono or nagajuban.
伊達締め – Datejime is a sash to hold kimono or <em>nagajuban</em>. This is polyester, but silk is also recommended. Check Silk datejime.
前板 – Maeita is to shape obi in front neatly.
着物クリップ – Kimono clipps (at least 3)
Those are minumum must-items for kimono dressing.

What you need other than those accessories?


着物 – Kimono: Find your favorite one!
帯 – Obi: Try coordinating with a kimono.
長襦袢 – Nagajuban(undergarment): Enjoy coordinating with a kimono!
帯揚げ – Obiage:
帯締め – Obijime
足袋 – Tabi(kimono socks)
草履/下駄 – Zori/Geta
You can find all pakage of kimono set.