Belated Happy New Year 2018!



It’s 2018 already! How was your holiday and did you decide your New Year’s resolution?

One of mine is “Move (動)” and I  do the first writing of the New Year on 2 January every year. The photo is one of them. You may recognize that the photo above shows the opposite side of paper. This is because my family said it looks more beautiful to see from the back, so i just put it as it is XD.

When I searched an example of calligraphy for 動, I just happened to find an beautiful example of 美動 which means “move beautifully” and I like that so tried to wrote it.

but as you may know, I do calligraphy just once a year so no progress every time…but really enjoy it.



I rubbed ink stick with some water because I did not have liquid ink, and that time was really slow and felt good~. Why don’t you try if have any chance? 🙂

The second photo was my daughter’s try.


As my resolution, will keep moving forward this year!

I appreciate your continuous support.





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