All about Furisode

  Kimonos are traditional Japanese clothes. Even though people tend to describe kimono in a single word, there are several kinds of kimonos and each kimono is worn for a suitable occasion by a particular person. For example, some kimonos are only for young people.   Others are for official ceremonies, a causal party or … More All about Furisode

KIMONO NOTEBOOK, EN Page is almost ready!

  KIMONO NOTEBOOK is an online kimono dictionary to whom wants to be an bilingual kimono coordinator to learn kimono in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.   Kimono terminologies are sometimes hard to understand in Japanese even for us Japanese!! For example, there is an phrase, “衣文を抜く”(emon-wo-nuku) which literally means to ”pull around the back center … More KIMONO NOTEBOOK, EN Page is almost ready!